Prevention Works

We believe prevention is a better approach to animal health. We believe there is a different way to enhance wellness beyond simply treating problems as they surface. We believe in working with veterinarians to bring producers a more logical approach to bovine health. We believe our commitment to a preventive approach:

  • Is better for the animal
  • Is better for the consumer
  • Is better for our customers.

Disease is costly; when it occurs, performance declines and you could spend unnecessarily on treatment. More importantly, though, disease causes animals to experience discomfort, weakness and potentially death. Stopping disease before it takes hold of a herd shows a commitment to healthier animals.

Prevention goes beyond simple vaccination protocol. It means taking a hard look at all the pieces that make up any given operation — the animals, the environment, biosecurity, nutrition and more — to stop disease before it has a chance to affect the herd. We are committed to helping implement disease prevention strategies, keeping cattle operations successful well into the future.

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